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How do I apply?
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Application Deadlines
Deadline for program admission is December 1st for admission. The program begins during the fall semester. Applications are received through the December 1st deadline. 

Additional Required Documents

  • A complete graduate application form
  • Official copies of all previous undergraduate and graduate transcripts
  • Official scores from the graduate record examination; Psychology GRE scores are recommended, but not required
  • Three letters of reference from former teachers, professional colleagues or supervisors at work
  • A personal statement conveying applicant's career goals and research interests
  • A sample of work that demonstrates applicant's ability to perform at the doctoral level. Applicants who believe their standardized test scores are not representative of their true potential are particularly encouraged to submit work samples
  • $75 application fee

Where should I send supplemental documents?
All documents (including transcripts, GRE scores, writing samples, and recommendation letters) can be sent by mail or email.

Email to:  Brittney Fallucca (Graduate Assistant)
Or mail to: Office of Graduate Admissions
                        400 South Orange Ave
                        South Orange, NJ 07079

If you have trouble uploading your personal statement or CV to the online application, please also mail or email them to the addresses provided above.

Admissions Criteria and Prerequisites
The Counseling Psychology Ph.D. program admits students at both the post-bachelors and post-masters levels. Admission to the program is competitive. Students are admitted once a year for the fall semester, with an application deadline of December 1. Application documentation should be submitted online.

Admission decisions are based on all of the above, in addition to a personal interview for a small group of applicants. The program also focuses on students who have demonstrated interests in both research and practice. Further, because of the highly interactive nature of the classroom and practicum experiences, students in the program learn from each other as well as from their professors and supervisors. Therefore, the program seeks to admit students who bring both well-developed interpersonal skills and a variety of personal backgrounds, perspectives and life experiences that may serve to enhance the professional and personal development of their peers.

When will you make a decision on my application?
Program faculty review each of the paper applications across a number of criteria to determine if the application is complete and if the materials indicate that the applicant's stated professional and research goals are consistent with the training goals of the program.  The application is rated across a number of program criteria, including, but not limited to, undergraduate GPA, GRE scores, research experience, writing skills and professional and research interests.  Applicants will receive a determination on their application by mid-February.  The program will invite 20-25 applicants for a one day on-campus interview.  Program offers are generally made to 6-8 applicants following the on-campus interview.  Applicants who were not extended an interview may re-apply, although applying more than two times is not encouraged.

Program Director:
Laura Palmer, Ph.D.

(973) 761-9449

For program inquiries:
Brittney Fallucca, MS
Graduate Assistant
(973) 275-2196

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