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*Teacher certification courses are now offered online. For further information, contact Dr. Lourdes Mitchel at or (973) 761-9396.

The Educational Partners in Catholic Schools (EPICS) Program, offered through Seton Hall University's College of Education and Human Services, seeks to develop a core of highly motivated and committed young educators to meet the needs of the country's most under-served elementary and secondary schools. To carry out its core teaching mission, the EPICS Program recruits talented graduates from undergraduate programs who desire to teach not just as a career but as a vocation.

A Unique Approach
The EPICS Program was developed as a replication of the ACE (Alliance for Catholic Education) Program at Notre Dame University. Seton Hall's program recruits students to teach for two years in urban Catholic elementary and secondary schools. While teaching in a local parochial school during the regular school year and attending classes on the weekend at Seton Hall, EPICS students are brought together in a retreat setting to deepen and enhance their commitment to becoming professional educators. Community activities take place on the weekends when they come to class and during annual retreat. Students in the program represent a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences, and receive an intensive two-year service experience encompassing professional development, community life and spiritual growth.
Who Should Apply?
The EPICS Program seeks students who have recently earned an undergraduate degree in education or in any suitable teaching area. EPICS students have graduated from many of the country's most highly regarded colleges and universities. For specific admission procedures, click on admission.
The Program

Students in the two-year, 36-credit EPICS Program are enrolled in one of two tracks, all of which lead to the M.A. in Education. One track is for those who already are certified; another is for elementary teacher certification and secondary teacher certification.

EPICS students undergo an intensive teacher education program that integrates graduate-level coursework with an immersion experience in teaching. Weekend courses combine an innovative teaching curriculum taught by seasoned practitioners and select faculty from the University with supervised field experience in Catholic elementary and high schools in the five dioceses of New Jersey. Throughout the program, students serve as full-time teachers during the regular school year and are brought together in a retreat setting to deepen and enhance their commitment to becoming professional educators and provide them with skills to live a health community life. EPICS teachers also develop their own personal spirituality and faith within the context of community, and share with one another the journey of becoming committed Catholic school teachers. An important goal of the program is to provide students with the tools to become reflective professional educators and people of faith.

Program Secretary:
Jo Anne Brehan
(973) 313-6033

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