Integrating Social Behavioral Sciences with Occupational Therapy


The six year dual-degree program (B.A./M.S.O.T.) joins the undergraduate social and behavioral science program with the graduate occupational therapy program.

Within the first three years of this program, students are expected to complete the requirements of the core curriculum of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Social and Behavioral Sciences Program requirements, and prerequisites for the School of Health and Medical Sciences for occupational therapy.

If students maintain the required GPA and are in good standing with the program, they are granted automatic admission into the professional studies part of the program.

The master's degree program consists of an intense three years of curriculum studies and clinical internships that will prepare students for the roles in occupational therapy as a clinician, administrator, supervisor and researcher.

Due to a limit on the number of occupational therapy students in each entering freshman class, admission into the program is both competitive and highly selective.

Contact Information

Ms. Joan K. Brennan, MPA
Director of Social and Behavioral Sciences Programs in Athletic Training and Occupational Therapy
College of Arts and Sciences
(973) 761-9579
B.A. Program Website

Ruth Segal, PhD, OTR
Professor and Chair, Department of Occupational Therapy
School of Health and Medical Sciences
(973) 275-2443
M.S.O.T. Program Website

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