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  • Dr. Margarita Balmaceda, Professor, received a Renewed Research Stay Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany, to spend Summer 2013 at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) in Berlin, the country's largest and most prominent foreign policy consulting institute. At the SWP, Dr. Balmaceda will work on a project entitled "Deconstructing the Russian Energy Weapon: Domestic Energy Processes their Effects on Russia's Energy-Poor Neighbors."

  • Dr. Zheng Wang, Associate Professor, is the recipient of the Dr. Seaker Chan Endowed Visiting Professor Residential Fellowship, The School of International Relations and Public Affairs (SIRPA), Fudan University, Shanghai, China (February – May 2013).    


  • Dr. Margarita Balmaceda, published a second paperback edition of her 2008 book (originally published in hardback), Energy Dependency, Politics and Corruption in the Former Soviet Union: Russia’s Power, Oligarch’s Profits and Ukraine’s Missing Energy Policy, 1995-2006 (London and New York: Routledge, 2012).

  • Dr. Benjamin Goldfrank, Associate Professor, published the following:
    • An article entitled “The World Bank and the Globalization of Participatory Budgeting,” Journal of Public Deliberation, 8:2 (December 2012);
    • A book chapter entitled “Participatory Budgeting and Urban Sustainability:  Reviewing Lessons from Latin America,” in Institutional and Social Innovation for Sustainable Urban Development, edited by Harald Mieg and Klaus Töpfer.  New York: Routledge, 2012; and 
    • A book review of Wendy Wolford’s This Land is Ours Now: Social Mobilization and the Meanings of Land in Brazil, in “Bulletin of Latin American Research,” 32:1 (January 2013).

  • Dr. Yinan He, Associate Professor, published the following:
    • “Remembering and Forgetting the War: Elite Mythmaking, Mass Reaction, and Sino-Japanese Relations,” in Inherited Responsibility and Historical Reconciliation in East Asia, edited by Jun-Hyeok Kwak & Melissa Nobles (London & New York: Routledge, 2013);
    • “The Past and Present of Sino-Japanese Relations: Revisiting the Roles of the US Factor and Historical Legacy,” in The US in Contemporary Sino-Japanese Relations: Problems and Prospects, edited by  Caroline Rose & Victor Teo (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013); and
    • “East Asia’s History Mirror: Myths, Nationalism, and Territorial Disputes,” The Ruritanian (a quarterly newsletter of the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism, London School of Economics), Autumn 2012.

  • Dr. Yanzhong Huang, Associate Professor, has published:
    • A book entitled Governing Health in Contemporary China (New York and London: Routledge, 2013);
    • A book chapter entitled “World Momentum Builds for Universal Health Coverage,” in Nayan Chanda and Susan Froetschel eds., A World Connected: Globalization in the 21st Century, A YaleGlobal Online EBook, Yale Center for the Study of the Globalization, 2012; and
    • An opinion piece entitled “Leadership Transition and the Trajectory of Political Change in China,” China-US Focus, December 7, 2012.

  • Dr. Fredline M'Cormack-Hale, Assistant Professor, published a book chapter entitled “NGOs and Democratization in Post-War Sierra Leone: Undermining the State?” in Development and Democracy in Post-war African Nations, edited by Dick Simpson and Cassandra Veney (Maryland: Lexington Books, 2013)

  • Dr. Zheng Wang has published the following articles:
    • “Not Rising, But Rejuvenating: The ‘Chinese Dream,’” The Diplomat, February 2013;
    • “The Next Hu,” The National Interest, December 2012; 
    • “From ‘Top-down’ to ‘Middle-out’: China and Japan can Reconcile Their Relationship,” China-US Focus, December 2012;
    • “Never Forget National Humiliation,” The Montréal Review, November 2012; and
    • “China Needs to pay Greater Attention to Foreign Policy in the Next Ten Years” [未来十年中国必须高度重视外交], Singapore: Lianhe Zaobao, November 3, 2012.

Speaking Engagements

  • Dr. Margarita Balmaceda:
    • Co-organized A Research Seminar on Russian and Caspian Energy Developments, Oslo, Norway, December 11-13, 2011. The workshop was a cooperation between the RussCasp group at the Fridtjof Nansen Institute, and Aleksanteri Institute (University of Helsinki) Center of Excellence on Choices of Russian Modernization, of which Dr. Balmaceda is a member. 
    • Made the following presentations:
      • “Research Opportunities in Germany,” held at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Puerto Rico, Ponce, Puerto Rico, on February 21, 2013;
      • “Domestic processes of interest diversification in Russia’s energy sector,” Research Workshop,  Forschungstelle Osteuropa, at University of Bremen on December 14, 2012;“Domestic processes: their impact on Russia’s relationships with its energy-poor neighbors,” RussCasp-Aleksanteri Center of Excellence Research Workshop, held in Oslo, Norway on December 11-13, 2012;
      • “Russia’s relationships with its energy-poor neighbors,” Research Workshop of the Diversification of the Economy Cluster, Center of Excellence on Choices of Russian Modernization, held in Helsinki, Finland, on December 11, 2012; and
      • “Domestic Contradictions, Foreign Energy Policy Levers, and Trans-border Rent-seeking: the Domestic Russian Background to the Role of Energy in Relations with Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania,” Workshop on Post-Communist Politics and Economics, held at Harvard University on November 19, 2012.

  • Dr. Benjamin Goldfrank made the following presentations:
    • “Mejorando las posibilidades del éxito del presupuesto participativo: Análisis comparative,” Primer Congreso Internacional de Participación Ciudadana y Presupuesto Participativo, Municipio de San Pedro Garza García, held in Monterrey, México, on January 31, 2013; and
    • “Entre la democracia deliberativa y la representativa: El presupuesto participativo,” Conferencia de Democracia Deliberativa y Participación Ciudadana, held at Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Nuevo León, Mexico, January 31, 2013.

  • Dr. Yinan He
    • Served as paper discussant at the Fellows Workshop of the Princeton-Harvard China and World Program, held at Harvard University on March 8, 2013;
    • Was invited to give a presentation entitled “Historical Memory, Reconciliation Failure, and the 2012-2013 Sino-Japanese Island Disputes,” at the Department of Political Science and Council on East Asian Studies, held at Yale University on March 7, 2013; and
    • Served as panel organizer and moderator, “A Rising China: Challenges or Opportunities?”  World Affairs Forum, held at the University of Connecticut, Stamford, on February 7, 2013.

  • Dr. Yanzhong Huang participated in the following invited speaking engagements:
    • Session Facilitator: Global Health Summit, Beijing, January 27, 2013;
    • Expert Panelist: Inception Meeting of the ADB/ESCAP/UNDP MDG Report (2012/2013), held at the United Nations, New York, on January 14, 2013;Panelist: Second Meeting of Health Smart Power in Asia Task Force, held at the CSIS Global Health Policy Center, Washington, D.C., on December 19, 2012;
    • Organizer and Session Presider: "Sustaining Healthy Development: A Workshop on the Post-MDGs Agenda for Global Health," Council on Foreign Relations, New York, November 19, 2012;
    • Speaker: "Health in Africa," MEDays Southern Forum, held at Amadeus Institute, Tangier, Morocco, on November 15, 2012;
    • Panelist: "4G Universal (Health) Coverage: Why gender, generation, geography and  governance must be addressed to achieve UHC," 2nd Global Symposium on Health Systems Research, co-sponsored by Peking University and World Health Organization, Beijing, on October 31, 2012; and
    • Panelist: "China's Tobacco Epidemic: Sparking Public Health and Political Crises," held at the Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C., on October 25, 2012.

  • Dr. Fredline M'Cormack-Hale:
    • Was Faculty Facilitator for the “Just Talk Series” Film Screening of Human Trafficking, sponsored by the Center for Multiculturalism and Civic Engagement, the Center for Catholic Studies, the Joseph A. Unanue Latino Institute and the Whitehead School of Diplomacy, held at Seton Hall University on January, 22, 2013;
    • Presented a paper entitled “Going Beyond Numbers: Women Politicians and the Question of Empowerment in Post-War Sierra Leone” at the 55h Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association Conference, held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from November 29-December 1, 2012;
    • Was re-elected Secretary of the African Studies Research Forum (ASRF) at the Thirtieth Annual Meeting of the Association of Third World Studies (ATWS) on November 2012; and
    • Was interviewed on the topic of President Obama’s Policies for Africa (BBC, Focus on Africa), aired on November 5, 2012.

  • Dr. Zheng Wang:
    • Made the following presentations:
      • “Chinese Nationalism in the Xi Era: Origins and Implications,” at the Top-of-Minds WebCall Series, GreenPoint, on February 18, 2013;
      • “Could Peace in East Asia Last? Historical Memory, Nationalism and Sino-Japanese Relations,” held at the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), Columbia University, New York City, on February 5, 2013;
      • “Identity Politics and Peace in East Asia,” held at the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), Washington D.C., on January 16, 2013; and
      • “Understanding Chinese Nationalism: Historical Memory in Chinese Politics and Foreign Relations,” held at the Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington, D.C., on November 13, 2012.
    • Organized an international conference and played the role as co-facilitator for this special interactive conflict resolution dialogue over the recent China-Japan territorial dispute with participants from China, Japan and the United States: “China-Japan Dialogue: Beyond the Territorial Dispute,” at George Mason University and the Woodrow Wilson Center, Virginia and Washington D.C., January 27-28, 2013.  The event website and video are available at: http://www.wilsoncenter.org/event/china-japan-dialogue-beyond-the-territorial-dispute

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