Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations
B.S., Diplomacy - Curriculum

The undergraduate program is based on an interdisciplinary global studies curriculum with strong components of cultural understanding, international economics and leadership. Students develop proficiency in at least one foreign language and complete a professional internship in order to gain an understanding of career opportunities available to them upon graduation. Furthermore, students are encouraged to take advantage of the School of Diplomacy's international study seminars or participate in Model UN and other activities related to the United Nations.
To attain the degree of Bachelor of Science in Diplomacy and International Relations, students must complete the program total of 120 credits. While each student is guided by a faculty advisor of the School, the ultimate responsibility for complying with curriculum requirements rests with the student. To complete degree requirements satisfactorily, students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0. Transfer students should obtain academic advisement from Associate Dean Dr. Ursula Sanjamino.

Students may apply for admission to the combined B.S./M.A. in Diplomacy and International Relations program in the fall of their junior year. Accepted students proceed to take a combination of undergraduate and graduate courses beginning the summer after their junior year in order to complete the master's degree.

A comprehensive list of course descriptions is available in the undergraduate catalogue.

A Model Undergraduate Program
The following model program includes all required courses over a four-year period.

Freshman Year

DIPL 1101 Emergence of the Contemporary World 3
DIPL 1711 International Relations 3
DIPL 2103 History of Diplomacy 3
CORE 1001 University Life 3
CORE 1101 Journey of Transformation 3
ENGL 1201 Core English I 3
ENGL 1202 Core English II 3
RELS 1402 World Religions 1
LANGUAGE Elementary Language I and Lab 4
LANGUAGE Elementary Language II and Lab 4
Subtotal: 30 credits

Sophomore Year

DIPL 2101 Ethnopolitical Landscape 3
DIPL 2109 Institutions of Global Governance 3
DIPL 2110 Comparative Foreign Policy 3
DIPL 2120 International Conflict and Security 3
CORE 2101 Christianity and Culture in Dialogue
ECON 1402 Principles of Economics I 3
ECON 1403 Principles of Economics II
LANGUAGE Intermediate Language I and Lab 4
LANGUAGE Intermediate Language II and Lab 4
Additional Elective 1
Subtotal: 30 credits

Junior Year

DIPL 2111 or 3111 Practicum
DIPL 3104 Public International Law 3
DIPL 3150 New Dimensions of Human Security
DIPL 3201 Sustainable Development
DIPL 4108 International Political Economy
MATH 1203 Statistical Models for the Social Sciences
LANGUAGE Advanced Language I 3
LANGUAGE Advanced Language II 3
DIPL XXXX Diplomacy Signature Core Course 3
DIPL XXXX Diplomacy Elective 3
Subtotal: 30 credits

Senior Year

DIPL 4101 Research Project
DIPL 4106 Human Rights Law and Policy 3
DIPL 4111 Senior Leadership Internship 3
DIPL 4555 Economic Aspects of IR 3
DIPL 4556 Financial Aspects of IR 3
LANGUAGE Cultural Readings in Language 3
LANGUAGE Business Correspondence in Language 3
 DIPL XXXX Two Diplomacy Electives 6
  Additional Elective 3
Subtotal: 30 credits

Four Year Total: 120 credits

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