Stillman School of Business
The Stillman School provides education geared toward the complex practical needs of business leaders. Consistent with that objective, the School offers the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration program to enable Seton Hall students to obtain competencies of the business core and a breadth of knowledge in liberal arts and other fields.

The B.A. in Business Administration (B.A.B.A.) requires a minimum of 128 credits, including 87 core credits and 41 credits of selected concentration and elective coursework. Electives may be taken at any undergraduate college or school of Seton Hall, but may not exceed the maximum number of business credits noted within each concentration. Students may choose a concentration in arts and sciences, international studies, diplomacy and international relations or general studies.

Listed below are the 87 core credits for a B.A. in Business Administration

Arts and Sciences Required Core (37 credits)

CORE 1001 University Life 1
CORE1101 Journey of Transformation 3
CORE 2101 Christianity and Culture in Dialogue
COST 1600
Oral Communications
COST xxxx Communication Elective *
ENGL 1201-1202 Core English I-II 6
ENGL 2516
Business Writing
BIOL, CHEM, ERTH, PHYS Science ** 3
MATH 1303
Quantitative Methods for Business
PHIL 1125 Business Ethics 3
RELS xxxx Religious Studies (any course) 3
World Culture One course
*Choose from COST 1610, 2622, 2623 or 2625
** A roster of acceptable courses is available in Jubilee Hall Rm. 526, as well as on each student's degree audit.

Business Required Core (45 credits)

BACC 2103, 2104 Accounting
BINT 5001, BPOL 5000 Integrative Courses 6
BFIN 2201 Finance 3
BLAW 2301 Legal Studies 3
BMIS 2701 Management Information Systems* 3
BMGT 2501, 2503 Management 6
BMKT 2601 Marketing 3
BQUA 2811, 2812
Quantitative Analysis 6
ECON 1402, 1403, 2408

*Because of the competency-based curriculum, this specific course must be taken. No substitutions will be permitted.

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