College of Arts & Sciences
I. Minor Requirements
WMST 1401 Women, Culture and Society 3
WMST 2110 Feminist Theories 3
  WMST Electives  
  Students must take at least one course from Behavioral Sciences and one course from Humanities. The third and fourth electives may be from either area, or students may choose to take a 3-credit Independent Study (WMST 3193) as an elective.  12

Course Descriptions See cross-listed courses for additional course description 

WMST 1401 Women, Culture and Society. An interdisciplinary course designed to introduce students to the contributions of women to history, society and culture, and enable them to understand and evaluate the effects of social institutions and cultural expectations on gender. 3 credits.
WMST 2110 (PHIL 2110) Feminist Theories. Examination of the wide range of theories and perspectives that constitute feminism today. Three main parts: historical overview of the development of feminist thinking; analysis of major feminist theories; and examination of the intersections between traditional philosophy and feminist thinking. 3 credits.
WMST 3191 Independent Study. 1 credit.
WMST 3193 Independent Study. 3 credits.
WMST 3194 Independent Study. Directed study and research in chosen area of women’s studies selected by the student in consultation with the program director. Requires extensive collaboration with a faculty member in the specific discipline and a major research problem. 2 credits.
WMST 3332 Special Topics in Women’s Studies. 3 credits.
WMST 3335 (RELS 3433) Women, World Religions and Human Rights. Examines the role of the world’s religions in defining the nature, roles, and rights of women. Looks at both traditional religious sources and contemporary discussions on women and gender from a variety of perspectives, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism. 3 credits.

II. Elective Courses

 WMST 2113/ENGL 3113 Women and Literature I  
 WMST 2114/ENGL 3114 Women and Literature II  
 WMST 2160/RELS 2160
Women in the Biblical Tradition
 WMST 2171/HIST 2171 Women in Modern Times  
WMST 2317/AFAM 2617 The Black Man and Woman
 WMST 2322/CLAS 2322/ARCH 2322/HIST 2170 Women in Antiquity  
WMST 2431/ENGL 2413 Women Writers  

Behavioral Sciences    
WMST 1215/PSYC 1215 Psychology of Gender  
WMST 1334/SOWK 1334 The Well-Being of Women  
WMST 1335/SOWK 1335 Family Violence  
WMST 2211/SOCI 2211 Marriage and Family Life  
WMST 2233/ANTH 2233/SOCI 2233 Understanding Human Sexuality  
WMST 2514/SOCI 2514 Sociology of Women and Men  
WMST 2513/SOCI 2513 Social Inequality  
WMST 2610/POLS 2610 Women and Politics  
WMST 3318/RELS 3434 Women, Gender, and Islam  
WMST 3432/COJR 3432 Women and the Media  
WMST 3514/ ANTH 3513/SOCI 3514 Sociology of Gender  
WMST 4001/ANTH 4001 American Indian Women  

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