College of Arts & Sciences

Klaudia Kosiak, MS 2013
Sex differences in mother-infant interaction.

Marjorie Levinstein, MS 2013
Activation and suppression of the innate immune system: effects on alcohol intake. 

Kimberly Ramos, MS 2013
Environmental and ethanol-induced effects on working and reference memory in the rat. 

Chi Ngo, MS 2013
Associative recognition memory and context effects using objects on natural backgrounds. 

Kevin Specter, MS 2013
Forging the link: The role of photographs and textual self-disclosure on forming Facebook friendships. 

Christopher Cagna, MS 2013
The limited effects of REM sleep deprivation on the acquisition, extinction, and reinstatement of a methamphetamine-induced conditioned place preference. 

Tracy Grogan, MS 2013
The interplay of personal traits and autobiographical memory. 

Nicole Anastasides, MS 2012
Avoidance, escape, and approach behavior in individuals with high behavioral inhibition. 

Romino Cupo, MS 2012
The effects of caffeine on spatial learning and memory. 

Ashley Hartman, MS 2012
Selective attention during retrieval harms initial recognition memory performance but not subsequent retrieval events.

Christine Michaels, MS 2012
A comparison of different forms of methamphetamine on locomotor activity and sign tracking performance in rats. 

Jennifer Noonan, MS 2012
The impact of education and gender on perception of borderline personality disorder. 

Chelsea P. Reichert, MS 2012
Mental illness stigma: An examination of the effects of label and gender on college students perceptions of depression and alcohol abuse. 

Daniela Sacchetti, MS 2012
Ipsilesional neglect: Its anatomical and behavioral correlates. 

Gina E. DiFeo, MS 2011
Effect of an enriched environment on morphine conditioned place preference in rats. 

Sharon Fernbach, MS 2011
Effects of error production on prism adaptation generalization during goal-oriented locomotion. 

Justin Maxfield, MS 2011
The impact of regulatory fit on working memory. 

Annette C. Resenhoeft, MS 2011
Remembering you: Effects of gender identity and narrative recall mode on autobiographical narratives.

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