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Admission to the PhD in Molecular Bioscience

In addition to the general University requirements for admission to graduate studies, the Department of Biological Sciences requires a Bachelor of Science in a biological science or a related science with a GPA of at least 3.0. A minimum of 24 credits in biology including general biology, cell biology and molecular genetics; 16 credits in general chemistry, and organic chemistry with adequate laboratory time; 8 credits of physics with laboratory; and 8 credits in mathematics beyond precalculus, are required. Any academic deficiencies must be satisfied during the first year of graduate study, and prior to taking graduate courses for which the deficiency areas are prerequisites. 

General Admission for the PhD Program
The Doctoral program in Molecular Bioscience follows the general University requirements for admission to graduate studies and admission to the graduate programs in the Department of Biology.  For students in the current MS program, credit will be given for courses taken within the Department of Biology at Seton Hall University with a grade of 3.0 or above that meet the PhD course requirements. A maximum of 30 credits could be accepted towards PhD program.

For students who had obtained MS degrees outside of the Department of Biology at Seton Hall University, courses will be evaluated and a maximum of 30 credits could be accepted towards the PhD program.

A Master of Science degree from an accredited university in the U.S. is required. Applicants also are required to submit a personal statement describing their scientific background, including: 1) previous laboratory training from coursework and/or work experience and 2) career goals. Three letters of recommendation are also required. 

Foreign students must provide proper immigration documents and have a minimum TOEFL score of 550. Official transcripts must be evaluated by World Education Services for all foreign institutions.

Application Deadline
The deadline for graduate applications is July 1 for the fall semester, and individuals interested in applying for a teaching or research assistantship are strongly encouraged to apply by March 1. Applications are also accepted for the spring semester with a November 1 deadline. This program does not review applications for the summer semester. 

You may also visit our campus to learn more about our program and facilities.

Financial Aid Options 

Teaching and Research Assistantships
Teaching and research assistantships, including both tuition benefits and a stipend, are available on a competitive basis. To obtain an application form, call (973) 761-9044 or e-mail

Loans and Graduate Assistantships
Click here for a summary of the loans and graduate assistantships available for graduate students.

G.I. Bill Yellow Ribbon Program
Eligible veterans and active duty military personnel will receive a considerable contribution toward their tuition from the Veterans Administration and Seton Hall University. To learn more about this program and the eligibility requirements go to the GI Bill Website or contact Garland Foster, a financial aid representative, at or (973) 275-2597.

Director of Graduate Studies
Ph.D. Dr. Allan Blake

(973) 275-2313
McNulty Hall, 408

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