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Benefits of a Master's Degree in Experimental Psychology
Experimental Psychology
The Department of Psychology offers the Master of Science (M.S.) in Experimental Psychology (with an optional concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience). The program is designed to train students in the scientific methods of psychology in preparation for involvement in basic research and teaching, as well as for work in applied settings (e.g. clinical psychology or industrial/organizational psychology). The M.S. degree program is designed specifically for students seeking to gain a solid foundation in empirical research for eventual entry into Ph.D. programs in scientific psychology or for students desiring to explore the field. Students completing this program will be in a better position to apply for admission to doctoral programs in the field, including experimental psychology and neuroscience as well as doctoral degrees in scientist/practitioner programs in clinical or counseling psychology. Graduates may also go on to related areas of employment such as laboratory assistants, market researchers, science writers and community college instructors.

The Experimental Psychology graduate program consists of 36 credits, typically completed in two years of full-time study (9 credits per semester). The courses include traditional areas of psychological science with an optional concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience (BNS). The Behavioral Neuroscience concentration represents courses that are most directly relevant to behavioral studies of brain functioning.

The MS program offers two separate tracks for admission: a Thesis-track, in which students design, execute and defend before a committee an experimental research study, or a Non-thesis track, in which students complete a scientific literature review instead of conducting an original research experiment. In both tracks, students are paired with faculty members to gain immersive experience in laboratory research.

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