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Core Curriculum: More Than Great Books.The Jewish-Christian Studies Graduate Program in the Department of Religion offers students the opportunity to pursue advanced studies through coursework and independent research and to work towards either a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree or a Certificate in Jewish-Christian Studies.

M.A. Degree Requirements

The Department requires M.A. students to select one of the two following study options in consultation with a program adviser:

  • Thesis Program

    Students in the thesis program must complete 27 credits offered by the Department of Religion and 6 credits in the reading of Hebrew texts.  Approval by the program adviser must be obtained for all courses chosen. Additionally, all students who pursue this program are required to prepare and defend a thesis based on their independent research. The thesis must make a contribution to continuing research in some aspect of Jewish-Christian studies.

    Three credits must be completed in JCST 9001 Thesis (with the topic approved by the Thesis Committee). After consultation with the faculty, students with a strong background in research may choose to do a more extensive investigation of an approved topic and produce a thesis for 6 credits (JCST 9002).

  • Non-Thesis Program

    Students in the non-thesis program must complete 36 credits in Jewish-Christian Studies, selecting courses with the approval of the program adviser. Students must also demonstrate a basic knowledge of biblical Hebrew.

Certificate Requirements

Students who complete Christian-Jewish Encounter (JCST 6001) and three additional Jewish-Christian studies courses (12 total credits) may apply for a certificate, which meets the New Jersey mandate for K-12 education about the Holocaust and genocide. Courses are selected in consultation with a faculty adviser.  

All M.A. and Certificate students will take the following introductory course:

JCST 6001
Christian-Jewish Encounter

This course provides a historical review of Christian origins and Jewish-Christian relations. The heritage of Christian faith and practice that draws upon Jewish sources is examined as are the Vatican II Declaration on Non-Christian Religions and other pertinent documents and the tasks and challenges for the coming decades.

Prerequisites: None
Credit Hours: 3 credits

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Program Chair
Reverend Lawrence E. Frizzell, D.Phil.

(973) 761-9751
Fahy Hall

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