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Career management is a lifelong process, the most important aspect of which is how your career begins. The Career Center at Seton Hall University will give you the tools to get your career off to a strong start, and has more than a dozen experienced professionals ready to work with you. Graduate students can take advantage of The Career Center’s multitude of benefits, including:

Visit The Career Center’s Event Page for more information and a schedule for: 

  • Seminars
  • Career Fairs
  • Resume Writing Workshops
  • Networking Forums
  • Interview Clinics 

The Career Center at Seton Hall University
Bayley Hall, Suite 209
(973) 761-9355

Graduate Communication Program Alumni

We are very proud of our over 400 alumni who are successfully serving in a variety of corporate, entrepreneurial, non-profit and government positions. 

What Our Alumni Say...
“One of the MASC program's greatest strengths is that it offers a truly multifaceted education. Students gain practical knowledge in fields such as advertising, consulting and market research, while improving skills like writing and public speaking. As a result, students are better prepared for whatever their professional futures may hold."
                             Christine Yzaguirre, MA ’06
“I especially liked the program's emphasis on multiculturalism and diversity. These are major themes in both our professional and personal lives and the MASC program encouraged students to look at the issues from all angles. With the expansion of the global economy, I think that will prove to be a very powerful asset.”
                            Katie Patterson, MA ‘06

Some examples of our fine alumni:

  • Richard T. Dool,  MA ‘05
    Richard works for CNN and the Lou Dobbs Show as a Production Assistant.
  • Rhonda Singleton, MA '03
    Rhonda, one of the Valedictorians for the graduating class of 2003, works at Seton Hall as the Assistant Coach of the Women's Basketball Team.
  • Kathleen Castore, MA '03
    Kathleen works for Aventis Pharmaceuticals as a Marketing Executive.
  • David Hay, MA '03
    David, originally from New York state, has relocated to Boston, Massachusetts where he is currently employed by Blue Cross - Blue Shield (BCBS) in community relations.
  • Margaret Horsfield-Burt, MA '02
    Margaret is currently working as the Director of Community Relations at Mount St. Dominick Academy in Jersey City, New Jersey.
  • Jerry Barry, MA '02
    Jerry is currently working as a Marketing Executive with Merck, Inc.
  • Justin Acquaviva, MA '02
    Justin is currently working as an Operations Director for a major New York City marketing firm.
  • Sarah McGovern, MA '02
    Sarah is a Marketing Director with Sony Music Corporation and is pursuing her doctorate degree at Columbia University.
  • Sheryl Pillo, MA '02
    Sheryl is currently the Events Planner for New York University.
  • Amy Trowbridge, '01
    Amy is now working as a PR Specialist for Loral Skynet.
  • Nils Zetterstrand, MA '01
    Nils is currently working as a Marketing Executive with The International Division of CommDoc.
  • Matthew Stoessel, MA '01
    Matthew is currently working as a Director of Community Relations for the Archdiocese of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Maj. Richard Giles, MA '01
    Major Giles is a US Army Intelligence Officer currently serving in the Gulf.
  • Alice Carney-Milligan, MA '01
    Alice is currently employed as a Vice President of American Express based in New York City.
  • Ann Gegelys, M.A.  '00
    Ann functions as an Intranet Content Manager in Chase Manhattan Bank's Consumer bank. In her capacity, Ann oversees the compilation and publication of weekly articles for two of Chase's intranet sites. The intranet sites are positioned to support the sales and service activities of employees based in Chase's extensive branch and call center network.
  • Lisa M. Critelli, M.A. '00
    Lisa is now working for Aventis Pharmaceuticals in the Compensation and Benefits Departments, as the Communications and Marketing Specialist. She is responsible for marketing all communications to all North America associates on benefits, compensation, communications and building the HR intranet site.

Director of Graduate Studies
Dr. Richard Dool

(973) 761-9490

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