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MASCL’s summer and fall sessions continue to be DYNAMIC

LT 28 Graduation
LT 28 Graduation
Upon the close of the spring session with LT 27’s graduation, MASCL wrapped up the summer with Mid-Residency in July for LT 29. Among the green-living proposals, vision speeches and rigorous crisis communication cases, LT 29 successfully completed the most challenging part of MASCL…Mod 3.

At the beginning of fall, we said farewell to LT 28 but not without the BANG only they could create.

Front of Challenge Coin
Challenge Coin (Front)

Back of Challenge Coin
Challenge Coin - Back
Final residency was full of “MASCL Millionaires and Idols”. We even received a visit from the late, great Steve Jobs…or was it Steve Kaus? In the end all faculty and staff were presented with a Challenge Coin, a prestigious military tradition, and presentation of honor; it is engraved with the Seton Hall insignia, University motto, Peter Senge’s Five Disciplines of Leadership, and The Five Practices of Leadership by Kouzes and Posner on the back, along with the MASCL name and the “squadron number” of LT 28, on the front.Truly an eventful time with Squad 28, the faculty and staff wish them great success in their current and future endeavors.

Special congratulations to Spirit Leader Samuel Gardner, III and valedictorian Diane Metlzer

LT 31 Group Photo
LT 31 Group Photo
As the fall semester is now underway, MASCL welcomes LT 31, another strong group of motivated students who are ready to take on their MASCL journey. As they went through their orientation session and got a chance to know one another, they gained feedback from their predecessors, in addition to experiencing what the “end of the road” will look like for them. Ready to jump in and get to work, they begin Mod 1 fiercely and have been making strides.

Cinque R. Pace, M.A.,
Graduate Programs Coordinator
(973) 761-9698

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