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The Exito Membership Program

What is Éxito?

Éxito is Seton Hall’s newest mentoring program established by the Joseph A. Unanue Latino Institute. Éxito is designed to pair selected Latino students with alumni mentors who will guide and advise the next generation of Latinos for professional success after they graduate

Program Goals
  • Leverage the expertise of successful alumni for the benefit of current SHU students
  • Complement the Seton Hall experience with an eye towards the future 
  • Provide students with practical advice of how to approach their individual career objectives 
  • Foster a stronger sense of community between alumni and the current students
  • Latino students enrolled in Seton Hall University
  • Students are required to have at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4 point scale 
  • Students participate in program by actively engaging with their mentor. They are also encouraged to assist with the preparation and promotion of events run by the Latino Institute. 
  • Students are required write a short essay (1-2 pages) describing their professional goals and what they are currently doing to achieve that goal. (i.e list you major, papers or publications you have written, clubs or organizations you are involved in and if you are an intern or volunteer in your respective field etc.)
  • Students and mentors meet at their own discretion. Meeting can take place on campus, at the mentor’s place of business, on the phone or via e-mail.
  • Students should be proactive in securing one-on-one interaction with the mentors.
  • Students should express areas of interest they would like to pursue and articulate the skill set they bring to the these professions.
  • Mentors should share their own career paths and life experiences as well as insights into “ getting your foot into the door” of various fields.
  • Optional - Mentors should help the students articulate career aspirations and guide them through the resume building process while offering practical job seeking advice. And, if appropriate, mentors should offer help to students with interview skills, general networking opportunities and even internships
How does it work?
  • Students will be paired with someone based on their professional goal and their areas of interest. 
  • Students should be prepared to give a broad description of themselves. Where you are from, hobbies, interests and what was your experience at college so far? 
  • Students will initially send their assigned mentor an e-mail, to introduce themselves along with their schedule of when they would be free to possibly meet. 
  • Mentors share the story! Tell your students how you got from college to where you are today.  
  • Make a plan! Start scheduling your meetings. 
  • Come to an agreement. What is the best way to get a hold of one another?
Student Expectations
  • Each student is encouraged to actively participate in the program. This means that students should interact with their mentee at least three times throughout the year. This can be a face to face meeting, a phone call, e-mail or even a Skype call.
  • After the first three interactions, students should send an e-mail to the director of the institute summarizing what they learned from the mentor or what they gained from the experience.
Expected Outcome
  • Students will hone their professional skills and will have greater clarity on their career aspirations.
  • Students feel confident that they have a firm grasp on the opportunities a degree from Seton Hall represents.
  • Mentors will share practices that they have learned and offered valuable insights on approaching diverse work styles.
  • Mentors will feel positive about the experience of helping out a rising professional.

To learn more about being a MENTOR, please e-mail our Graduate Assistant, Ana Campoverde at
To apply to be a MENTEE, please fill out our application form and drop it off at our office at Fahy Hall 246.

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