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A Language Portfolio is a collection of works selected by you to represent your language learning experience.  Your Language Portfolio can be used to help you evaluate your skill, plan your future language learning experiences, and develop life-long learning strategies.

You will build your Language Portfolio starting with your language courses; and will be updated once a semester until you graduate.  Your Language Portfolio will be reviewed by a faculty member of your choice once a year; during your senior year, your portfolio will be reviewed by a faculty member of your choice, the program coordinator and you.

Required elements
Your Language Portfolio will consist of two sections:

  • The Biography. In the Biography, you'll note the courses, experiential learning and other language experiences.  You will also record and update a self-assessment of your language skills You will reflect on your own progress and chart your language learning.
  • The Dossier.  The Dossier will contain 2-3 written papers demonstrating your skills and progress.

Optional elements
  • Your Dossier may also contain multimedia, recorded presentations, formal assessments, your resume or other artifacts that demonstrate what you can do with the language and your progress.

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Faculty Guide

Language Portfolios provides program coordinators with formative and summative assessment of students' progress. Over time, program coordinators may use this data to help plan program improvement.

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