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The University Honors Program is an academically challenging, interdisciplinary program in the liberal arts.  At the heart of the program is a series of four six-credit colloquia that follow and explore the development of civilizations from the ancient world until today.  These colloquia are normally team-taught, with faculty chosen from a variety of disciplines.  The usual student to faculty ratio in Honors is 15 to 1, so students and teachers get to know one another well.

Students who are accepted into the Honors Program will receive an excellent liberal arts education grounded in careful reading of primary sources.  It is one thing to find out about the world by reading a textbook; it is quite another to go to the sources themselves and to form your own judgment in conversation with classmates and teachers.  We encourage our students to follow their questions; not only as an essential part of their undergraduate education, but as part of their development as persons with a life-long commitment to learning.

Participation in the Honors Program is compatible with any major program.  Honors students come from schools and colleges such as Arts  and Sciences, Business, Diplomacy, Education, and Nursing.

Due to a generous grant, the Honors Program provides opportunities for students to attend a variety of cultural events throughout the New York metropolitan area.

Resident Honors students live in certain areas of student housing reserved for them.  This helps to form a supportive community where discussion continues beyond the classroom.  In addition, all of our Honors students are automatically members of the Honors Program Student Association, which also provides academic support, as sense of community, and opportunities for socializing.

Rev. John Ranieri, Ph.D.
Fahy Hall, Room 305
(973) 761-7185

Associate Directors
Peter G. Ahr. Ph.D.
Fahy Hall, Room 313
(973) 761-9741

Dermot Quinn, Ph.D.
Fahy Hall, Room 337
(973) 275-2774

Honors Program Office
Fahy Hall, Room 304
(973) 275-2011

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