College of Arts & Sciences

The Department of Communication and The Arts offer six Professional Certificates either as part of the Masters degree or on a standalone basis. Each certificate is comprised of four courses or 12 credits. If you choose to pursue a certificate and successfully complete it, you will be awarded a Professional Certificate that can be noted on your resume.

Individual courses are offered on-campus during the afternoon and evenings; in addition to online.

Our Graduate Communication Professional certificates allow our students to pursue specialized graduate education in pertinent communication areas of interest. Students are able to study communication skills that will enhance their professional capabilities and expand their knowledge and experiences. Students are able to apply the skills and knowledge they develop through the program courses both during and immediately after completion. Students will earn a professional certificate upon completion and, if they choose, apply the 12 credits earned in the program towards the full master's degree in Strategic Communication.

Students who are enrolled in our full master's degree program have the option of pursuing a Professional Certificate as part of their electives.  Upon graduation, Masters students who pursue a Certificate will be awarded their master's degree and the professional certificate.

We offer six professional certificates:

Strategic Communication and Leadership On-campus
COMM7798  Managerial Communication
COMM6300  Strategic Organizational Communication
COMM8001  Multiculturalism and Leadership: Communication Perspectives
COMM7779  Crisis Communication
Note: A Strategic Communication and Leadership certificate is also available online as part of the MASCL program. Learn more »

Intercultural Communication
COMM8001  Multiculturalism and Leadership: Communication Perspectives
COMM7420  Cross Cultural Communication
COMM6193  Independent Study  - Diversity and Globalization
COMM8110  Communication Ethics
Organizational Communication
COTC6100  Introduction to Organizational Communication
COMM6000 Writing for the Organization
COST7220   Effective Presentations
COMM7783   Employee Relations and Communication

International Communication
COMM8001  Multiculturalism and Leadership: Communication Perspectives
COMM7420  Cross Cultural Communication
COMM7000   International Business Communication
COMM6193  Independent Study  - Diversity and Globalization

Strategic Communication Planning
COTC6100  Introduction to Organizational Communication
COMM7798 Managerial Communication
COMM6300 Strategic Organizational Communication
COMM6193  Independent Study  - Communication Planning

Public Relations  
COMM6000  Writing for the Organization and the Client
COMM7782  Media Relations
COMM7762  Events Management
COMM7796   Public Relations: Cases and Practical Applications
Applying for a Professional Certificate
To apply for our Professional Certificate program, you will need to:

  • Complete the Program Application
  • Provide Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • Provide Personal Statement of Career Background and Goals
  • Send us Transcripts from your Undergraduate or Graduate programs
  • Remit the $75 Application Fee

Professional Certificates at a Glance:

  • 6 Professional Certificates Available
  • 4 Course  - 12 credit clusters
  • Rolling admission - January, May and September
  • Professional Certificate awarded upon completion
  • You can complete the Professional Certificate in 6 to 12 months

For more information, please contact Richard Dool, D.Mgt, Director of Graduate Studies at (973) 761-9490 or

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