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Seton Hall Dept of Catholic Studies VideoGet an inside look at the Department of Catholic Studies at Seton Hall University -- the first university in the eastern U.S. to establish such a department. Hear from faculty and students about all the exciting ways the Department can help you develop as a major, double major or minor.

What our graduates and current students say about their experience with Catholic Studies:

Mr. Jordan Mabalatan (2015)

Catholic Studies/Nursing Double Major
"The integration of faith and reason in Catholic Studies is applicable in every aspect of life. Just as holistic care complements traditional nursing care, a Catholic Studies major enhances, enriches and broadens my nursing major." Learn more »

Mr. Peter P.Gallagher (2015)

Catholic Studies Major St. Andrew’s College Seminary
“The Catholic Studies major gives me an amazing opportunity to enhance my studies in other topics dealing with the Church. Classes offered by the Catholic Studies program focus on different aspects in the wealth of topics that center around Catholicism. With a base of classes by both the School of Theology and the Catholic Studies majors, I will have a great advantage over some of my classmates because of the amount of topics I am able to study.”

Ms. Brittany M Kowalski (2015)

Catholic Studies Double Major
“With my double major in Catholic Studies and Sociology and a minor in Women and Gender Studies I hope to be able to work for a Catholic organization that helps female victims of abuse and works for its prevention. I have never been clearer than I am now that I am studying in areas that not only truly interest me but also in areas that are going to allow me to help others upon graduation.” Learn more »

Ms. Megan Shane (2013)

Catholic Studies Major
“The Catholic Studies program helps equip students to employ Catholic teachings in everyday life. It provides different insights on the Catholic faith; it teaches one how to work with one’s peers and with the youth, and how to be a servant-leader. The Catholic Studies program provides the skills to live out the Catholic Faith.”

Luca Battaglia (2012)

I am graduating summa cum laude with a double major in Classical Studies and Catholic Theology and a minor in Catholic Studies. In the fall, I will begin my studies at The Catholic University of America pursuing a Ph.D. in philosophy, and I have been awarded a fellowship from the Lilly Graduate Fellows Program that will prepare me to pursue an academic career. Catholic Studies has served as a bridge connecting my two fields of study, and has brought me into contact with the Catholic intellectual tradition through authors such as Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman, Christopher Dawson, and G.K. Chesterton. This contact with the Catholic intellectual tradition became a very concrete experience for me when I participated in the Catholic Studies study abroad trip to Oxford. At Oxford, we were immersed in the historical, literary and artistic foundations of Christian culture, and this experience left me with a profound sense of the impact of Catholic Christianity on the world and on all aspects of our culture. As I graduate and prepare to begin my studies at Catholic University, I will always treasure the experience I have had in Catholic Studies at Seton Hall, an experience that will remain with me and continue to influence me throughout my life.”

Jim Mainardi (2004) - Manager and Owner of Laser One

My Catholic Studies major has immensely influenced my career. A well-trained individual with no moral character is not as valuable as a trainable individual with refined moral character. While it is true that in college we all learn a discipline, what is most valuable about college is that we really learn HOW TO LEARN. New skills can be developed, but without character those skills have limited value. My résumé boasts majors in Religious Studies and Catholic Studies, and a minor in Classical Studies. My technical capacity can be trained. In today's world, ethics are not a given; my employers can be confident in both my ability and my ethics. When an individual can demonstrate strong ethics, that has real value.

Fr. Roberto Ortiz, S.T.L. (2005), Parochial Vicar St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church, Wyckoff, NJ.

I have always appreciated the Bachelor of Arts I earned in Catholic Studies from Seton Hall. The material opened new ways of looking at the faith and how it is expressed throughout the history of the Church. The courses introduced me to material from names such as Augustine, Chaucer, Dante, Flannery O’Connor, Endo, Bernini and Michelangelo. Whether in art, music, literature, or worship, the Catholic faith is truly about enjoying and feasting on the life God has given to us and telling others about this reality in joy and love. Catholic Studies helped me to see that the mystery of Christ can be displayed in many thought-provoking ways and is meant to be food for growth as his followers. The work done in my years earning a bachelor’s degree in Catholic Studies laid a great foundation for my future studies in theology. I spent five years in Rome studying at the Pontifical Gregorian University while preparing for the priesthood in the shadow of the Vatican and the successor of St. Peter. Catholic Studies primed me to reflect on the faith in a way that acknowledges the beauty of faith as an exercise of the mind, heart, body and soul. I am grateful to God for the opportunities this education provided for me. I currently serve as a parochial vicar in the parish of St. Elizabeth in Wyckoff, NJ.

Chase Pepper, Seminarian Holy Cross Community at the University of Notre Dame

My greatest appreciation for the Catholic Studies was the opportunity it provided me to study in Rome for a semester through the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. Whenever people ask me about it, I say that it was the best choice I made with my undergraduate career. Those four months of study and travel abroad grew my faith, challenged my intellect, expanded my social horizons, and helped me come alive as a human person more than any other experience I can recall.

Another quality of the program that I appreciated was the interdisciplinary nature of many of its courses. It was very easy for me to pick up a double major in Catholic Studies because of how closely the material related with what I was learning in other departments. In addition to learning much about the intellectual and cultural heritage of the Catholic Church, I was also able to see how that knowledge related to and shed light on my studies in political science, philosophy, and language. I believe, therefore, that my overall education at Seton Hall was enriched and matured by virtue of my participation with the Catholic Studies. If I could go back and do it all over again, I would.

Mrs. Elizabeth Mainardi (2004), Science Teacher Delbarton School/Academy

Taking classes in the Catholic Studies at Seton Hall is useful for any student of any major – it reinforces one’s Catholic faith. As a chemistry teacher in a Catholic school, I rely on my knowledge of my faith to educate my students both in my actions and in my words as I try to treat them the way Christ would.

Kathryn Sheldon (2008), School of Theology

Catholic Studies is perhaps the most important program we have available at Seton Hall University. One third of our incoming freshmen each year choose Seton Hall primarily because it is a Catholic university, and they arrive in September searching for that specific Catholic identity that will shape not only their academic pursuits, but absolutely everything from their future career choices to their ethical concerns and their personal lives. The beauty of the Catholic Studies program is that it makes available and responsibly informs students about the links between faith and culture, intellectual heritage and church tradition, the sciences and history, philosophy and language…in essence, life. It is a struggle within any disciple to figure out how one’s own particular genius and gift fits into the world, and Catholic Studies is a perfect place for students to learn just how to do that. It is called “catholic” studies precisely because it is “universal,” and our world desperately needs the many unique gifts and talents of our scientists, business leaders, diplomats and philosophers to be integrated in a way which serves the common good and a higher purpose. In my opinion, this is the greatest strength of the Catholic Studies program.

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