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Broadcasting and Film Track

Courses required for the track:

COBF 2222 Television/Film Writing  
COBF 2231 Electronic Age in America  
COBF 2232
Evolution of Film Art
  Production Component (Four courses)
  Two course production sequence
  Two additional production courses
  Media Studies Component (Two courses)
  Two media studies courses in the Broadcasting and Film
COBF 5299
COBF 5698
Senior Seminar in Radio-TV
Senior Seminar in Film

I. Media Production Concentrations:  Specialization in television, film or radio production.

Students wishing to pursue one of the following concentrations should plan on taking appropriate courses, as listed below, in their sophomore and junior years (along with additional elective courses are required for completion of the Broadcasting and Film track). Final course choice should be made in consultation with an academic adviser.

A.  Film Production Specialization

Production Courses:
COBF 3222 Introduction to Film Production  
COBF 4222 Advanced Film Production  
COGR 2322
Introduction to 3-D Computer Graphics  
COTH 3623 Lighting for Television and Film  
  Plus any two Media Studies courses

B. Television Production Specialization
  Production courses:
COBF 2223
Television Production I  
COBF 3223 Television Production II  
COBF 3224 Television Production III  
COBF 4224 Television Production IV  
COGR 2322 Introduction to 3-D Computer Graphics  

Plus and two Media Studies courses

C. Radio Specialization

  Production courses:
COBF 2225 Broadcast Program and Management  
COBF 3225 Radio Programming and Production  
  Any two Broadcasting, Visual or Interactive Media courses  
  Any two Media Studies courses  

II.  Media Studies Concentration

  Select four of the following courses:
COBF 2211 Development of Alternative Video  
COBF 2213 Documentary Film  
COBF 3212 Contemporary Cinema  
COBF 3214 Film Criticism  
COBF 3216 Film Genre  
COBF 3218 Television Genre  
COTC 2240 Media Criticism  
  Plus any two Media Production courses  




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