College of Arts & Sciences
Internships & Careers

Many internship and cooperative learning opportunities are available to communication students in their junior or senior years, including with ABC, NBC, ESPN, MSG, The New Jersey Network, NJ12, Comcast, The Food Network, MTV, Oxygen, and PBS; Z100, WKTU, KROQ and WPLJ radio stations. Internships at many New York media companies offer real-world experiences and career opportunities. In order to participate in an internship for course credit, students must successfully complete the required courses and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. A bachelor’s degree in Broadcast, Visual  and Interactive Media is an excellent foundation for graduate school. Opportunities for continued studies include the Master of Arts in Strategic Communication at Seton Hall. Other options include graduate study in media and communication, museum professions, law, education, business and the Master of Fine Arts.

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